Santoni Shoes Men

The perfect shoes, for the professional businessman. Currently the models presented at this page are limited due to the limitations of sales websites. Updates follow every other week!


Santoni. Classic Italian shoes. Once Santoni, Always Santoni. This ZEEF is published to inform, recommend and help you pick your Santoni.

Have fun.

If the Shoe fits


In addition to the suggestion hear this; IF you buy shoes, buy the same color belt and wear this dedicated with the shoes (suit or no suit)

Blue suit shoes colors; - Black (For the classics) (Also dark grey) - Brown (also Suede) (For the banker) - Cognac (For the Entrepeneur/trendsetter) - Light grey Suede (For the hipsters)

Grey suit shoes colors; - Black (Classics) - Brown (Please don’t) - Cognac (Yes please) - Light grey (Dude, its not a one-sy)

Black suit shoes colors; - Black (Undertaker) - Brown (Banker) - Cognac (depends on the tint.. don’t go to light) - Light grey (It’s okay.. but not so special)

Send me an email if you want specified advice for your suit!

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